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Digitized Charter Declaration and Transport Contract Dedicated to Small and Large Pleasure Vessel

User Manual for Declaring Your Charter and Obtaining a Digitized Transport Contract

Access your 'CMY Control' panel.

Complete the information and upload the required documents for a vessel in commercial use (for rent). Please make sure to send the correct documents.

[In case of error or attempted fraud, the request will be automatically canceled].

[If you do not have a transportation contract, the Capitaine et Management Yacht team is at your service. For any central agency requests, please refer to the following link].

Click on 'Proceed to order'.

Your file will now be secured, and you will receive, once your file is reviewed (within 6 hours), your digitized transportation contract via email.

Your digitized transportation contract will allow French and European Customs agents to identify your transport in a database using a secure QR code.

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