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About us

Maritime Audit and Surveillance for Yacht Owners


We are a leading yacht management company, committed to providing our clients with a DSN social management audit and consultancy service (Nominative social declaration) as well as a superior maritime surveillance service.

We understand that social management of yachts is a complex and demanding task which can be costly for owners.

This is why we created this service to help shipowners manage their DSN more efficiently, cost-effectively and in compliance with regulatory and legal standards.

Our team of social management experts has extensive experience in managing DSNs (in 8 accounting firms) and social regulations applicable to the yachting industry.

We will work closely with the shipowner to understand your specific needs and offer you practical and personalized solutions to optimize your social management and maritime surveillance service, in perfect complementarity and following the regulations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO)


Through our audit and consultancy service, shipowners can save valuable time and resources while improving their operational efficiency.

We are proud to offer our shipowners superior services, innovative solutions and exceptional results.

Which shipowners can mandate us ?


Any shipowner or owner of a ship having their ship in France as their home port or based in France

(Under written agreement of the shipowner)

What dimensions must my vessel have for you to be commissioned?


All vessels, private and commercial yachts, less than 500 UMS

The geographical areas in which we travel for our services:

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