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CMY Control is a free mobile application generated by artificial intelligence created by a maritime management company specializing in small and large pleasure boats. It provides yacht management at your fingertips for captains and shipowners. The following services are available for an annual fee: management, central agency, reservations, rentals, transportation contracts, and concierge services.

The user manual for CMY Control AI

Access conditions for making the vessel available through the application:

  • Being a central agency or a broker recognized by the commercial court.

  • Being the Ship Manager (Manager) of the vessel (risk prevention unit device, ISM code) with certification and stamp approved by a licensed and qualified Captain.

  • Being the shipowner or owner of a vessel that meets all maritime compliance standards for vessel operation.

  • The non-patented DSN management is not compatible with our insurance.

Download our PDF document to learn everything about CMY Folio:

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