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CMY specializing in yacht management

Accounting - Management - Finance - Expertise

Our company, specialized in yacht management, offers its expertise throughout the Mediterranean. Our team will support and carry out various missions in France, Switzerland, Monaco, and Italy

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About Captain and Yacht Management (CMY)


Captain and Yacht Management Society is an expert in yacht management, in accordance with international STCW Regulation. We are represented by a registered chartered accountant at the Order of Chartered Accountants, as well as the National Nautical Federation under the SIRET number 92175441200010.

We attach great importance to on-site meetings as it is essential to understand the environment and the conditions in which your vessels operate in their various economic activities.


Working with the Capitaine Management Yacht team means surrounding yourself with certified, trained, and qualified sailors from the finest navigation institutions. We provide an exceptional navigation experience through our experienced team.

Our Commitments

°  High-end Service: We offer shipowners an unparalleled navigation experience with our high-end service, ensuring relaxation, comfort, and unparalleled pleasure while sailing.

°  Career Development and Training: We provide job security for sailors and opportunities for career advancement.

Perfect Work-Life Balance: We ensure navigational comfort for shipowners while maintaining the quality of our °  service to their representative, the ship's captain.

°  Safety and Protection: We provide maximum safety for the vessel, its crew, navigation, and passengers.

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All Our Missions

Our expanded missions enable us to work with both Large Enterprises, thanks to our methods, tools, and working conditions, as well as with Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) with whom we have always strived to build trust and close relationships.

We assist our clients in their core activities as well as in areas of accounting (advisory and bookkeeping), national and international taxation (advisory and reporting), social management (employment contracts, payroll, social declarations, disputes, mediation).

Capitaine et Management Yacht is also a key player and partner in assisting with business creation, offering tailored advice to meet the legal requirements and specific needs of our clients, often in partnership with Notaries or Lawyers when necessary.

In terms of consulting, our company can help businesses in various domains, including taxation, corporate law, wealth management, insurance, IT, website development, and 360° virtual tours to support their business expansion, sometimes in collaboration with specialized experts.

Our company also handles various auditing missions, which may involve ongoing or one-time, statutory or contractual reviews, complete or partial, in compliance with current regulations and professional standards.

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