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Gestion pour un yacht à moteur de 23,9 m à 29,9 m

Annual subscription management price

Social management of the vessel, crew, and captain (€1,499)

Checking and verification of onboard accounting (€1,799)

New flag registration and administrative procedures (€1,059)

Establishment of private maritime regulations and commercial register (€1,799)

Winter maintenance with storage from November to April at the port (€8,000)

Winter maintenance without storage from November to April at the port (€4,000)

Port reservation (€1,099)

External service reservation: accessories, repairs... (€899)

Payroll management: employment contract, payslip, declaration, and insurance (Quoted separately)

Central ship rental agency, transport contract (2.5% fee per rental)

CMY crew uniform (Quoted separately)

Assistance with ship purchase and sale (€1,600)

Organization and logistics in our refit service (€1,699)

Ship insurance policy: hull and machinery (€599)

Total annual contract excluding taxes, price excluding rental and social management fees = €16,052

(Choices can be selected in the contract)

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Service management

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