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Online Payments

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Online payments with ship managers are exclusively made with the ship managers. Capitaine et Management Yacht company disclaims any responsibility regarding the direct receipt of payments and bears no liability concerning the client and the ship manager. Any ship rental manager (central agency) using the Click&Yacht application undertakes to respect the agreements signed with their shipowner, in order to ensure the proper receipt of the client's payment into the company's escrow account for which they work, as well as compliance with taxes and services provided to their client. The only vessels authorized to receive payments directly from the client are those covered by a central agency management contract signed with the shipowner and Capitaine et Management Yacht company. Any client likely to book a vessel rental and proceed with payment must ensure to seek the assistance of a lawyer if necessary to make the payment securely. They will be informed directly via email to avoid any confusion regarding payments in accordance with this privacy policy. All captains with their vessel on the application must ensure to carefully verify the identity of individuals boarding to avoid any imposture. The company ensures that all brokers or central agencies are properly listed in the commercial court and recognized as such in the nature of their commercial agent function and in protecting users for matchmaking and reserves the right to refuse vessel provision in case of doubt or fraudulent suspension.

Online payments for management subscriptions are subject to a French VAT of 20%.

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