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CMY Folio Client Portfolio

Access Conditions for CMY Folio for Vessel Availability via the Application

To be a central agency or a broker recognized by the commercial court.

To be the Shipowner (Manager) of the vessel (Risk Prevention Unit device, ISM code) with certification and stamp approved by a licensed and qualified Captain.

To be the shipowner or owner of a vessel meeting all maritime compliance standards for vessel operation.

Unlicensed DSN management is prohibited.

The CMY Folio is a free access platform offering only the proposed connection between the carrier and the client.

Capitaine Management Yacht company designs but does not sell travel services that it does not produce itself. Therefore, the company is not subject to Article L.211-1 of the Tourism Code.

Since the last update of the application dated 4/10/2023, Capitaine et Management Yacht company undertakes not to display logos on brochures or photos of vessels belonging to competing companies, associations, or computerized systems on its website and Click&Yacht mobile application for Yacht Rental.

All vessels listed in the CMY Folio are either registered through the mobile application or website installation request, or through a written agreement sent by email to, and they can be withdrawn at any time.

The vessel withdrawal link on the CMY Folio:

This clearly states that vessel withdrawal from the CMY Folio is allowed in accordance with the confidentiality agreement. All vessels can be withdrawn with the authorization of the company president at the central agency, the broker with whom agreements are concluded via email, the shipowner's representative (the captain), or directly by the shipowner or vessel owner.

The written agreement attested by email is the PDF document of the email copy for agreements made when making the vessel available on the application and website, drawn up for the broker, central agency, captain, shipowner, or vessel owner.

Email agreements are confidential and may be requested either by management (the company president) or by the relevant broker with whom we have written email correspondence.

Once the complete and confirmed file is verified, the vessel will be automatically withdrawn within 24 to 48 hours.

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