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With whom do we share your Personal Data

The collection of personal data

Your Personal Data will be shared within Capitaine et Management Yacht to meet operational, legal, and security requirements. They will also be shared within Capitaine et Management Yacht to manage our relationship with you, including our market analysis and marketing activities.

We also share your Personal Data, including passport information, with public authorities to meet operational and legal requirements. For example, your Registration and Boarding Data will be shared with border police services and immigration services to meet immigration requirements in the countries we sail to, as well as with the relevant Passenger Information Units (PIUs) (agencies designated by EU governments to receive passenger information for law enforcement purposes) according to your travel itinerary, and other competent authorities.

We share some of your Personal Data with our third-party providers who work on our behalf to fulfill your trip. We also work with many trusted partners to offer you additional travel products and services for your trip (such as insurance, car rentals, port access).

At Capitaine et Management Yacht, we carefully select our travel suppliers and partners, and we require their compliance with the highest security standards for protecting your Personal Data.

Learn more about the third parties with whom we may share your Personal Data:

Our Service Providers

We share your Personal Data with companies that assist us in performing key customer service functions (customer service and support), our computer systems, our shop, and our help center in case of disruptions. We do this to execute your bookings and manage our operations.

Ports and Port Service Providers

In all our destinations, we subcontract with ports and port service providers to provide necessary services such as baggage handling, check-in, and Special Assistance.

Local Partners (Destination Management Companies) and accommodation providers

As part of trips with Capitaine et Management Yacht, we may partner with accommodation providers and local partners to ensure on-site support during your vacation.

Government Agencies

We share all required information with government agencies when necessary to ensure your arrival at your destination or as required by law.

For example, for certain travel itineraries, the law requires us to provide border control services and Passenger Information Units with information regarding your Travel Documents and travel itinerary.

In certain circumstances, we may be required to disclose some of your Personal Data to the Maritime Affairs Authority or other national civil aviation authorities to ensure compliance and enforcement of applicable legal obligations in maritime navigation, pleasure carrier certification, or other regulatory purposes.

In addition to the categories of parties listed above, we may be required to disclose your Personal Data when required by applicable law in any jurisdiction to which Capitaine et Management Yacht may be subject.

Travel Agents and Intermediaries

When booking a trip with Capitaine et Management Yacht through a travel intermediary (such as a travel agent/travel company), they will be responsible for managing your reservation with Capitaine et Management Yacht. However, we may share reservation information with the travel intermediary to facilitate your booking.

The terms and conditions and privacy policy of this travel intermediary will apply to your reservation and will provide additional information about the nature of the transfer of your Personal Data to Capitaine et Management Yacht.

Credit and Debit Card Companies

Capitaine et Management Yacht shares some of your Personal Data, such as information about your payment method, your travel booking, and in some cases passenger names, with the credit or debit card company used to make your reservation.

Fraud Prevention Agencies

To ensure the security of your transactions and to prevent or detect fraudulent transactions, we may also share your information with our fraud prevention partners.

Travel Partners

Capitaine et Management Yacht works with many partners to provide you with additional services that may be of interest to you during your trip with us. This includes the following services:

Transfer and taxi services

Boat rentals

Travel insurance



Port lounges

Rail services

Sea excursions

When you search for or purchase a product or service from our partners, we share some of your Personal Data with them to facilitate the purchase of their products and/or services and to calculate commissions.

The terms and conditions and privacy policy of this partner will apply to your purchase and will provide additional information about the nature of the transfer of your Personal Data to Capitaine et Management Yacht.

International Transfers

Most of Capitaine et Management Yacht's client Personal Data is collected and processed by Capitaine et Management Yacht in its offices located in France, where the company's headquarters are located, or in the European Union where we conduct our operations.

However, some of our providers may be located outside of the United Kingdom or the European Economic Area (EEA being the European Union and Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway), and may have access to your Personal Data to ensure the operation of Capitaine et Management Yacht's activities.

When we transfer your Personal Data outside of the United Kingdom or the EEA, we require the implementation of appropriate safeguards, in accordance with applicable Data Protection laws:

- An adequacy decision from the UK Department for Culture, Media and Sport and/or the European Commission recognizing that the recipient country of the transfer of our clients' data provides an adequate level of data protection; or

- In the absence of such a decision, our contracts with our suppliers include the Standard Contractual Clauses approved by the European Commission and the International Data Transfer Agreement (IDTA) in force in the UK.

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